Uncover an extensive live online universe. Ever growing and evolving by the choice of the players, you. There are currently 3026 players across 21 cities.
Where will your flag be placed?


Embark on procedural Missions to strengthen yourself and your cities  alone or with allies.


Gain strength from every mission as the exo-suit seems to have an infinite amount of potential. Use every mission to take yourself deeper into the dark universe.

Build vast cities that span entire planets. powered by nanites, Every building you build produces resources perpetually.

architect your roads, power, housing, commercial complexes, research facilities, and military production.

Construct markets to generate galactic credits and trade with other players, or build armadas to liberate the universe.


With 60 octillion planets the universe has no known limits - all of it can be explored or conquered. Participate in all-out warfare where you can obliterate your opponents for spoils of war. Take over military outposts, build defensive fortresses and control the mining of rare Deutonium.

Use Deutonium to research technology to gain permanent advantages or to trade on the galactic markets to fuel your war machine.


Q: Is Deutonium free-to-play?

A: Yes.

A: It shows that the game is still in alpha, which means there could be bugs involved in game play, which we would love if you report them to our discord for the developers to see!

Q: What does the development build on the bottom right mean?

Q: How do I install the game?

A: Download the game from the downloads page, launch the installer, set a designated folder. Proceed to run the game and create an account on the launcher. Enjoy exploring the vast universe laid out in front of you.

Q: How do I join the discord?

Q: How can I follow the development of the game?

A: The development of the game will be visualized on our social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Q: Does the game have multiplayer?

A: Yes, the game does have multiplayer support for guilds and player cities.


Q: What is the max level in the game?

A: There is no max level in Deutonium.

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