Cities passively produce resources that you can use to equip your RPG characters, partake in the never-ending war for Deutonium or sell to other empires.

No player can take your cities from you - they are yours to keep forever. 






Cities are divided into zones and have nearly unlimited size (16 quadrillion zones each).

Admin Efficiency


Roads and Zone Admin Centers provide services to all buildings in a zone - efficiency varies with location.





The windmill uses wind to produce power that is required by most buildings to operate.  It's production can be increased from research in the tech tree.




The lab provides several useful functions in a city as well as being the home of the Tech Tree which is used to unlock benefits.  The Tech Tree currently has 1415 research nodes.



The Universal Market allows everyone to trade using buy and sell orders.  It also bolsters credits found in dungeons and produces a steady stream of passive credits.


Titanium Mine

Produces Titanium 

used for manufacturing CorvettesDrone Parts and Mining Drills.



All your production and plunder can be safely stored in warehouses.

Zone Admin Center

All buildings need to be connected to the zone admin center by roads.  Road layout determines the efficiency of all connected building.



Camp Site

Housing for city residents, residents are needed for numerous productions and space travel.



Adventurer's Guild

Building Adventurer's Guilds increase the quality of loot found in dungeons.


Drone Factory

Produces drones: automated defenses for all your military outposts.


Drone Supply Plant

Fuel your untrained drone armies with drone supplies (trained drones can scavenge for themselves).


Mining Drill Factory

Produce mining drills to infinitely upgrade your production from Deutonium mines.  ​Consumed over weeks.



Farms are used for growing crops and other resources for sustaining city populations.