Voucher Fragments

The Voucher Fragment system allows players to earn gift vouchers simply by participating in our alpha. 

We need alpha testers to help us build the best MMO that we can. To participate you only need to play the game and talk to us, easy right?

How does it work?

Start by downloading the game from the Home Page, don't forget to join our Discord server from the Community Tab.

We're rewarding players  with Voucher Fragments for bug reports, feedback and in-game credits.

These Fragments can be traded for gift vouchers by contacting Huntress, the Key Guardian on our Official Discord server. 


Earning Voucher Fragments

  • Every day The Ethereal Reserve will auction 1 500 Voucher Fragments to the highest bidder(s) at the Galactic Market for in-game credits.  The exact time of the transaction is not disclosed. Place orders in advance!

  • Additional Voucher Fragments can be earned through friend-referrals, bug reports and feedback.

  • Voucher Fragments can be traded between players at the Galactic Market in-game.

  • Additionally mini-challenges will be held bi-weekly with Voucher Fragment rewards. See Challenges for more info

List of Voucher Fragment Rewards


Additional Information

Voucher Fragments for bug-reports and feedback will be automatically distributed shortly after we release a patch.​

Bugs can be reported on the website and our Discord server, the same goes for feedback.

Bugs are considered minor if they are listed in a group on our patch notes and listed as serious when they appear individually on the notes.

Voucher Fragments will only be awarded the first time a bug is reported by a player. This means to earn Voucher Fragments; you'll need to find the bugs faster than other players! Voucher Fragments for bugs and feedback will be awarded at our discretion.



Redeeming Voucher Fragments

You can redeem Voucher Fragments for gift vouchers by contacting Huntress, The Key Guardian, on the official Deutonium Discord. 

Once you have the needed Voucher Fragments, reach out to Huntress on the Official Deutonium Discord server, and she will further assist you.

Below is a list of redeemable rewards available for purchase with Voucher Fragments:

Terms and Conditions