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Greetings Echo!

The Deutonomic Universe welcomes you! Adventure and riches await! Read on for a glimpse into what the Ethereal Council has in store for you!

ECLog 51/786#04:
“Dev Diary - Cities, Clocks and You - 12 Nov 2021”

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     Michiel here!

In Deutonium you can build cities. Not just small cities - the kind of cities that would make New York and Paris seem like small towns.

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Every detail in every city matters - every bed you place offers someone a place to sleep, every shower a citizen takes improves their hygiene, every foot on every road affects how long someone somewhere takes to get from home to work.

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To make all of this practical - and not end up with hosting that costs thousands of dollars a month per city, we end up doing some really interesting things. We optimize every clock cycle, come up with crazy data compression schemes and use statistics and algorithms to simplify all of this into something that doesn’t require a quantum computer to host.

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One of the challenges we solve is routing en-masse. Every citizen in every city needs to know where to walk or drive, how much traffic there is and where the nearest bar is to blow off some steam on a Friday evening. This is akin to something like running millions of GPSs at once.  To make things more interesting we calculate entire weeks for large areas of a city at once - and any change you make to the city needs to reflect instantaneously so that you can continue to improve on your latest neighborhood design without having to watch the paint dry first.

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After some tinkering, we’ve come up with a solution that allows us to reuse routing data extensively, calculate multiple routes simultaneously and share calculation data between many NPCs - and do all of the computation in such a way that a CPU actually likes the algorithm.  We didn’t lose too many developers to insanity in the process either!

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The end result: When you make a change to a city, we can update all of the routes per affected building in about 28 microseconds (0.000028 seconds on a single CPU core). 


For all the developers out there, I shall embellish with a snippet of C# code:


If you too prefer a Matrix-style view of reality: Notice the lack of any memallocs, CPU cache friendly design, rotational flat recursion and low-footprint distance floodfill.   Ah, such beauty!

Until next time!

Farewell Echoes

     -     Omni

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Guides from the Great Library:

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The Great Library houses one of the most impressive collections of Deutonomic Knowledge in the known Universe. For those seeking to make their way through it, please peruse this fraction of knowledge, generously provided by the Indigo Sages:

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Guides Commander-In-Chief, @Huntress, has been hard at work producing visual aids to keep you up to speed with Deutonium’s gameplay features. If you want to catch up, have a look at the following guides: 

What goes up and down and becomes putty in a builder’s hands? Terrain! In the Deutonomic Universe the Terraforming possibilities are endless! 

There is no greater force than a team of Echoes working together. See some of our finest challenging the threats of the Universe.

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Looking for more Deutonium videos, check out Deutorials on youtube.

Deutonomic disPATCHes:

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The Lobby - Explore your own personal pocket in the Reach! Create a character, visit new worlds and discover new ways to experience the Deutonomic Universe!


The Tutorial - Learn how to do things right with the brand new semi-complete Tutorial! Our wonderful Narrhanmka Tinkerers are still polishing it but it’s looking pretty good already, wouldn’t you say?  


The Hallow Fruit Festival - The whimsy and wonder of the famed Hallow Fruit Festival has come and gone! Echoes all across the universe celebrated by wearing Hallow Fruit Armor, fighting the fierce Adolescent Hallow Fruit and filling their cities with the Mature Hallow Fruit decoration!

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Echoes of the Deutonium

Behold those who stood up to the challenges of the Universe and emerged victorious:

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The 3 month long UFS Challenge has finally come to an end! We at the Ethereal Consortium value the effort our Echoes put in when they answer our challenges! We listen to everything you say and will take the necessary steps to improve your adventure in the metaverse!

UFS Challenge Victors

R 50 000
R 10 000
R 5 000
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The Mod Parts Weekend Challenge was a great success! The Challenge took place over the last weekend of the Newfolk month of October and the victor got to walk away with a whopping 300$! All that was needed to succeed was to simply upgrade your gear!


Mod Mania Victors

300 $
200 $
100 $

As the Ethereal Council we had the great honour of meeting our UFS challenge winners in Newfolk form.
The challenge was exclusively hosted close to home (Free state, South Africa)

Congratulations to Echo Corrie for winning the grand prize of R50 000!


 P_Squiggles (2nd place)                                                      Corrie (1st place)


The creativity of Echoes knows no bounds:

Behold the astonishing building talent of Echo Wannabe:

An Echo and their favorite weapon."

Loremaster Kilne, always looking for ways to assist Echoes in their various endeavours, has provided another excerpt from one of the many tomes of ancient knowledge found within The Great Library. May you find its words illuminating, Echo:


“Welcome back, Echo Alustan Daze.”

         Alustan Daze, or rather, the esse of Alustan Daze, experienced once again the visceral head snapping sensation that occurred split seconds before he returned to the Lobby. This was, to Daze at least, the worst part of an undying life.

         Daze’s esse - his ethereal essence within the metaphysical realm of the Reach - hovered a foot or two above what could be considered the Lobby’s “floor”. Nermot was there, as he always was, observing him. It was interesting to Daze to note that on this occasion, Nermot had taken the shape of what was unmistakably an Orshun blugpig.

         “Bored, I see,” Daze said to the mysterious keeper of the Lobby.

         “I am in the middle of an extremely important experiment,” Nermot replied.

         “To see how far your head goes up your own--”

         “Silence! These final moments are of the utmost importance!”

         Daze grunted and drifted away. Grunting. Talking. Laughing. Singing. Daze still grappled with the idea of sounds coming from a form and shape that, to his mind, was little more than cosmic smoke. 

          A loud pop behind Daze gave him hope that Nermot had finally, mercifully, exploded and was no longer going to be the nuisance Daze took him for. Alas, to Daze’s dismay, Nermot was still there when he turned around. Only now he took the shape of a stately Elnet’er diplomat. Daze sighed.

         “You know you could try and imitate something resembling a good mood”, Nermot said. “You’re never going to get better at staying alive if you constantly perceive your cup as half empty.”

         “You have all the universe’s knowledge and wisdom at your disposal, correct?” Daze asked.

         “Most of it,” Nermot replied. “And that knowledge or wisdom which I don’t have I can always acquire.”

         “Then please, oh all knowing one, tell me how it would be possible for me to vaporize you.”

          Nermot scowled, turned on the spot and vanished from the Lobby. Daze imagined having shoulders to shrug with and drifted towards a circular pedestal that shone with a cosmic vibrance. 


          It’d been some weeks since the Emergence, the cataclysmic event that brought forth The Malice and created Daze. Or, at least, created his esse, that unquantifiable life force that seemed to exist within every living organism. That’s what Nermot called it. His esse. Regardless, he came into being the day The Malice tore through the veil between dimensions and reared its ugly head. 

         Daze had a feeling that his esse could not be the only one that was formed that day. He’d heard rumours of others - with abilities even greater than his own - appearing throughout the habitable universe but he had never actually met another quite like him. Another Echo that is. It’s what they had begun calling his kind. Despite his annoyance with Nermot, Daze couldn’t deny that he would’ve long since gone off the deep end if the Firstborn caretaker hadn’t been there to help him.

          It was Nermot that helped Daze acclimatize to the Lobby, Daze’s own personal corner of the Reach. It was Nermot that showed Daze to the glowing pedestal (Daze could never remember the thing’s name) and how to shape a theoretical material body from its energy - a body that Daze could use to enter more conventional dimensions. And it was Nermot that gave Daze a purpose. A singular responsibility, greater than any other. It was the duty, the calling of an Echo - Nermot had adopted this term - to stand against The Malice. To keep its evil at bay and purge it from the universe. 

          It was a burden that was heavy to bear. To wipe all evil from the universe? Impossible. At least, if one were alone. But Nermot also made one thing clear: the Echo was never alone. For there were others who also stood against The Malice. And when the moment came that all the warriors of the universe united in a single, cohesive effort, The Malice would not stand a chance. 

         All very well and noble, thought Daze. But even though all essei were created equal, life’s paths would mean something different to each and every one of them. And so each one would become an individual unto themselves. And getting individuals to work together was no easy feat, that much Daze knew.

         He surmised that it was this conundrum that Nermot struggled with day in and day out. He knew there was a grander purpose behind the curmudgeonly Firstborn’s actions. He could also see the toll it took on the Firstborn. Try as he might, Daze couldn’t comprehend the complexities of bringing a universe together to stand against overwhelming evil. He imagined that Nermot was well and truly exhausted.


         The body that formed on the glowing pedestal took the shape of a bulky Orshun with a rather severe underbite. It’d been the form that Daze had grown accustomed to in the past few weeks. Of course he could be any shape, gender and species he wanted to. But this Orshun had grown on him and Daze made the conscious decision to stick with this form for as long as he could. It grounded him.

         “Heading out again?”

         Daze, now in his Orshun form, turned to face Nermot. The caretaker had this time manifested as a small, furry, quadrupedal animal with pointy ears and long whiskers. Daze had heard a Newfolk once refer to this creature as a cat. The resemblance was uncanny, save for the colorful nebulae that swirled on the animal’s fur. That and the pools of infinite black in the creature's eyes that reminded Daze of singularities that could see beyond any known spectrum of light. 

         “It’s not like I can actually give up,” Daze replied, the Orshun’s vocal chords adding substantial gravel to his voice.  

         “At least I did something right,” Nermot said with a smile. “Where will you go?”

         Daze strode over to an Ark that shimmered near the Lobby’s theoretical border.

         “I was murdered in my sleep,” Daze said. “I saw my killer take the Witherwind before I fell unconscious.”

         “Your sword?” Nermot asked, truly surprised. Daze knew that his legendary weapon was of quite some significance to the Firstborn. “Well then, you have to get it back.”

         Daze turned to give Nermot one last smile.

         “I intend to.”

         Then Daze climbed aboard the Ark and vanished from the Lobby.

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If you’d like to communicate with the Ethereal Council (Human translation: “devs”), you can always join the Deutonomic discord.

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