We're looking for gamers across the globe to
play our game, report bugs and give feedback. 

Think you've got what it takes? 

What to expect from the pre-alpha


Expect major game changes, bugs, features and challenges in this pre-alpha. While we add core features and improve the game we'd like players to test and provide feedback, so we can listen and modify our plan accordingly.

We'll be opening our gates to small groups of players after patch releases, to test our latest creations in different Time Branches.

If you've received an invite to the pre-alpha, you will have access to our game servers, full time, not just for the duration of the Time Branch.

We encourage you to report any bugs you find on our official Discord, as other players will likely encounter the same.

Join in on the testing experience and get a glimpse of what it truly takes to create a legendary game from scratch!


Key Features


Battle enemies in mission instances while gathering materials to build your cities. Expand and evolve to rid the universe of the terror that is The Malice.


- ARPG styled missions, with enemies, gear, loot and
   city-building materials

- Increasing difficulties and rewards
- Infinite levelling system
- Crafting 
- Group up to 6 people in a party



- Grid-styled functionality in cities with complex production chains
- Sandbox city-building with terrain tools

- Timeshift (Accelerate time getting weeks of production in minutes)
- Multiple cities allowed across the universe
- Co-operative city building


- Character Customization
- Research tree 

- In-game Market
- Space
- Guilds
- Cosmetics


How to apply 


Fill in the application below and wait for an email letting you know that you've been accepted into the pre-alpha. Please note that we do all communication on Discord. Join our discord server here:

Pre-AlphA ApplicAtion
Where are you from?
What platform do you use?
In terms of feedback I'd be willing to:

Game Requirements


Windows 10


i5-3570 3.4 GHz 4 Core or Higher


At least 8GB RAM


Dedicated graphics card, GTX 770 2GB or Higher


Internet connection


25 GB Free storage space

Uncertain about your specs?
                 We'll be improving performance as we continue development.                                                                                                                   *Sign up anyway*