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Action RPG

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Earn Shipments for each milestone

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Jump into your first Time Branch, as an Esse. Create your Echo and start your battle against The Malice in missions with increasing difficulty and rewards.

Use your skills and abilities to bolster your attack and boost your levels. Gather and collect resources necessary for gear upgrades, city-building, space travel and research nodes.

Choose your fate wisely, Echo, another Time Branch might be lurking closer than you expect. You'll have to plan accordingly and coordinate your shipments for the next Time Branch.

Hope is not lost.


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Unique timelines within Deutonium. Travelling to a new branch of time will yield a new experience and offer the chance to change your strategy for that Time Branch. Hunt shipments that are unaffected by time and increase your strength with each Time Branch. No Echo can defeat The Malice alone, but with every Time Branch, we grow in numbers and power.

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What survives the end of a Time Branch?

Your Echo will live to see another Time Branch along with any cosmetics unlocked and Quantum Credits - a currency used to buy cosmetics - which can be looted from in-game missions and traded at the in-game marketplace.

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Earned at the end of a Time Branch by completing objectives, shipments grant bonuses when used, can be stocked up over Time Branches and offer you the opportunity to surpass your previous limits. Shipments offer boosts, resources and unique benefits in future Time Branches.


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We've been at it since 2019, and Echoes have been emerging for quite some time. Join us on Discord for announcements and updates on Time Branches. Report bugs by posting a screenshot and chat with other players and devs as we delve deeper into development. 

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